Moons are large obstacles that end your run if hit. They cannot be destroyed by boosters or meteors, requiring deft maneuvering to pass them. However, with the (?????????) upgrade on the laser, hitting a moon with a laser will create idium and blue idium at the point of contact. Moons are often featured in quests telling the player to brush by ​x ​moons. There are three main kinds of moons.

​Small MoonsEdit

Small moons are simply moons that act as large, indestructible asteroids. They appear perfectly circular and grey and cratered in appearance.

​Large MoonsEdit

Large moons usually cover the entire screen. They cannot be flown around and must be traversed by going through tunnels winding through the moon. These tunnels are usually quite narrow, and can be hard to pass. One alternative is using your overdrive to bypass these entirely. A variant of these is sometimes found where the moon is either rotating or possesses one opening and closing tunnel. They look like enlarged small moons, with more jagged tunnels.

​Burning MoonsEdit

Burning moons are only found in the Explorer adventure, and are reddish in color (though this could be due to the fact that all moons early in the Explorer adventure look red). They are surrounded by an orange aura, which when the player enters, starts overheating their ship. The ship will get progressively hotter until the player either exits the aura, and cools down, or ends the run because of overheating.

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