In the gameplay of "Full of Stars," the player controls a small spaceship by holding down on the left and right sides of the screen to steer the ship left and right. While in flight, or as the game refers to it, "in the rift," players must avoid obstacles. The player has access to an overdrive and a booster to help them reach the next location in their run. During a run, players may collect idiumblue idium, and idium crystals, types of in-game currency. The player may also attempt to complete quests , granting them leadership points . After a player crashes, they go through a post-crash event, which could be both harmful or beneficial to the player. At the end of a rift jump, or the distance between two locations in the game, the player flies through a field of coalescing idium with a timer counting down five seconds before the player exits the rift.

​In-Flight Features

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