Asteroids are small rocks in the rift that end your run if you hit them. They can be destroyed by boosters at any level. There are three types of asteroid that the player encounters throughout the game. They are also referenced in multiple quests as "rocks."

Normal Asteroid

Normal asteroids are the most common type of asteroid. They are destroyed by any booster level, and when destroyed by a booster, drop a small patch of idium. When destroyed by a meteor, they drop nothing. It appears as a brown or slightly greenish gray rock.

Idium Asteroid

Idium asteroids are a variant of the normal asteroid. When destroyed by a booster OR a meteor, they drop blue idium. When the player's ship has a magnetic field active, they are pulled at varying speeds towards the player, making them possibly very dangerous. If while being pulled by a magnetic field, an idium asteroid hits a normal asteroid, the idium asteroid will be destroyed and drop blue idium. The asteroid it hits will be unaffected. Idium asteroids resemble asteroids, but with sparkles in them.

Loaded Idium Asteroid

A loaded idium asteroid is largely similar to the idium asteroid except that when destroyed, it has a chance to drop idium crystals. It resembles an asteroid with blue blobs inside.

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